A Health Care issue?

I need lots of sleep. If I don't get 9hr/day I start getting cranky. So I've been cranky for at least 9yrs (Raising Kids).

I snore (supposedly). And apparently with those irritating gaps in breathing (not for 30sec, but for a "pause").

I've tried those nose-strips, but it doesn't seem to make a difference (at least with the snoring - I haven't been consistent enough to be able to monitor perceived sleep-quality).

Other technologies to consider

Might I have Sleep Apnea?

Sept'2008: follow-up to Sleep Clinic doctor, he says go talk to ENT about implants and alternatives.

Oct'2008: went to ENT to discuss options

Dec'2008 update

Jan'2009: have been taking FloNase semi-regularly. JiHi says my snoring has actually gotten better. Could be a coincidence.

Feb'2009: when I get a cold, my snoring is still horrible.

Dec'2012: had combo-platter surgery

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