Here are some notes I'm pulling out of a mindmap I made for a talk I gave at a Net Gravity user's conference.

This is about the history/evolution of ad targeting/delivery for the MedScape medical information website. I think the targeting of Advertis Ing is a trend that's been under-explored online, so far.

v1: aliases (~1995)

v1.5: rotate ads on high-traffic pages (~1996)

v1.99: rotate all (~1997)

v2.0: Net Gravity (~1997)

v2.1: individual targeting

One big problem we never solved (and to my knowledge nobody has solved) is inventory forecasting. The more you get into delivering custom niches of audiences, the harder it is to know whether you will be able to deliver the needed volume. Some factors include:

In reality, this is such a hard problem to truly "solve" that it's probably best to just make a crude guess, err on the side of over-selling, then massage clients when problems arise. Not too many people will get seriously miffed when they get less exposure than they planned, as long as they're charged accordingly.

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