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Daniel Steinberg of Pragmatic Press is NudgIng people along on a Prag Pro Wri Mo process mirroring Na No Wri Mo. We'll start together on November first and in thirty days or less you'll know if you are meant to write a book or not. Your commitment is to sit down every day and write pages. They don't have to be good pages---they won't be great pages---you'll have plenty of time to fix them later. Keep writing. Less than a month to find out if you can do something you've always wanted to try. Such a deal.

z2009-11-20- Prag Pro Wri Mo
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Edd Dumbill on (from Jul'03) aggregating RDF from multiple sources, and the need to track ConText/provenance (via quads). In working with this idea, I've called the fourth element of the quad above a context. This is by no means a canonical term, but it works well for me. Furthermore, the same term is used in the RedLand RDF application framework, which I'm going to use to demonstrate an application of this provenance tracking.

z2003-08-31- Dumbill Rdf Quad

GooGle made a big splash announcing its $35 Chrome Cast device which plus into any HDMI input (on TV or Home Entertainment receiver) to let you watch streaming VidEo over WiFi on your TV. You use your TabLet/MobIle as a Remote Control, but it never stores/feeds the video.

I know I'm never going to get TheWife to stop paying for lots of Cable channels. So adding NetFlix/HuLu isn't a big win for us (though I may give it a try anyway).

A bigger win would be being able to play computer VidEo files we have on the TV, esp the TV in the bedroom.

Since there's no computer in the bedroom, wouldn't want to need that in the middle of the process (to pick the episode, etc.). So the Google Chrome stream the contents of tabs directly from the browser feature of Chrome Cast wouldn't cut it. Using MobIle/TabLet as Remote Control might be OK.

In terms of UX, I'd like to make it easy to take ~3 series episodes or a movie from my computer to the TV as easily and cheaply as possible.

A USB Keychain Memory would be an OK transport medium.

Hmm, the UVerse Set Top Box has a USB port in the front...

  • you can connect a computer, but that's not what I want
  • as of 2010 you couldn't do anything with the port.

  • Jul28 update: tried plugging Keychain Memory into USB port - it flashed a few times, but nothing happened, couldn't find anything in any menus, etc.

USB port right in TV?

  • Bedroom: The Sony Bravia TV has a USB port (urgh, in the back), which we can use to play video, but maybe only if in MP4, not AVI.

    • hrm some articles make it sound like you can only deal with photos and audio...

    • this talks about videos but notes challenges around varieties of file formats.

    • Jul28 update: I was wrong, my Bravia is a KDL-32L5000 and does not have a USB port, those are all HDMI-in ports.

  • Family Room: the LG TV has a USB port. But when plugged in, the only options are Photos and Music. It won't show the video files at all.

How about a Raspberry Pi project?

OK, enough research, time to stick a couple different-format files on a stick and start shoving it places!

Bought one May'2014 - see Chrome Cast page for details.

z2013-07-26- Chromecast Playing Computer Video Files On Tv
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Thirty7 Signals has entered the Job Market. Interesting low-tech approach... We will be promoting the job board in various ways over the next few months including a permanent position in the SvN sidebar which is seen by tens of thousands of people every day. Ah, so it's Advertis Ing....

Aug4: Tech Crunch is doing the same thing.

I guess this is one way of filtering candidates... I'm not sure how a great a predictor of quality it is, esp for a general-tech site like Tech Crunch.

It also assumes you need a filter like that - for a StartUp looking for a great PyThon developer, you generally don't have this problem! (We recently had our best success paying for the right to query the big job-site dbs.) I'm chewing over the idea of buying AdWords next time, just on blogs (GooGle's "content network").

Aug26: Mike Arrington (Tech Crunch) wants everyone to have an open API so that the little markets can integrate.

  • But now that I think about it, the real point of these mini-MarKet-s is to mutually set expectations in terms of CultUre. Certainly Thirty7 Signals has its own Human Voice, and if you post a job you're implicitly saying you accept/prefer people with a similar style.

  • If that's "true", then Arrington's approach only makes sense to the extent that Tech Crunch readers are "like" Thirty7 Signals readers, etc.

  • Jason Fried makes a similar argument. If you want to reach executives interested in broadband, wireless, and technology, you post on the GigaOM Jobs board. If you want to reach someone interested in new company/product launches and the other stuff that is posted on Tech Crunch, you post on the Crunch Board. Yes, there's some overlap between those audiences. But there are also significant differences.

  • On the other hand, each of these mini-MarKet-s is too small for either party to depend on, so having an API that let's you deal with a number of these at one time makes sense. As long as you don't have to deal with all of them together.

Sept7: Joel Spolsky starts another one. And runs into an interesting issue.

z2006-04-26-37 Signals Job Board
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