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Jerry Michalski is asking the YiTan group, if you were Emperor and could make just 3 directives (Executive Order), what would they be? Then the group will discuss:

I'd be inclined toward

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Hmm, what will help the Network Economy?

May'2015: Venkatesh Rao asked If you had ElonMusk's level of capital post PayPal and a 10 yr horizon, what's the biggest, most audacious project(s) you'd consider taking on?

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I rather like the meme of there being a "Bubble" in College Education.

Like the housing bubble, the education bubble is about security and insurance against the future. Both whisper a seductive promise into the ears of worried Americans: Do this and you will be safe. The excesses of both were always excused by a core national belief that no matter what happens in the world, these were the best investments you could make. Housing prices would always go up, and you will always make more money if you are college educated. Like any good bubble, this belief– while rooted in truth– gets pushed to unhealthy levels. Peter Thiel talks about consumption masquerading as investment during the housing bubble, as people would take out speculative interest-only loans to get a bigger house with a pool and tell themselves they were being frugal and saving for retirement.

JohnRobb nails the real point. A degree is still valuable because it's valued in the workplace (even though it's not the golden ticket to employment anymore). The solution to this problem is to help create employment opportunities (like what we are doing with our open venture start-up) that don't use a degree as a gating mechanism. Network Economy ho!

May26 update: Anya Kamenetz has been touching on it, esp as relates to Peter Thiel's awards. Yet since the education demands in our economy continue to rise, (David Autor at MIT is good on this topic, or the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce) it doesn’t follow that college is going to go by the wayside. What I see happening instead is increasing pressure on the marketplace to produce affordable quality forms of college–http://www.straighterline.com/ is a pioneer–and more intriguingly, the emergence of more specific, practical, modular forms of qualification (Certificat Ion) for careers that combine some aspects of assessment, Port Folio, and reputation based networks. GitHub and BeHance are the two examples I always use.

  • some argue that market value is more about Signall Ing (Credential Ism) than Human Capital.

    • Why don't employers just use other tests as hiring filters? Because they can get sued for it. On the record before us, neither the high school completion requirement nor the general intelligence test is shown to bear a demonstrable relationship to successful performance of the jobs for which it was used. Both were adopted, as the Court of Appeals noted, without meaningful study of their relationship to job performance ability. Rather, a vice-president of the Company testified, the requirements were instituted on the Company's judgment that they generally would improve the overall quality of the workforce.

      • duh, another reason: employers’ (Manage Ment) incentive is to get students from the most prestigious college they can so that they can defend their decision to their boss if it goes wrong

      • cf Cargo Cult

    • (Nov'2011) also, American students are not studying the fields with the greatest economic potential... Over the past 25 years the total number of students in college has increased by about 50 percent. But the number of students graduating with degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (the so-called STEM fields) has remained more or less constant. Moreover, many of today’s STEM graduates are foreign born and are taking their knowledge and skills back to their native countries... In 2009 the U.S. graduated 37,994 students with bachelor’s degrees in computer and information science. This is not bad, but we graduated more students with computer science degrees 25 years ago!

May31: Dave Winer thinks we should aim much higher in academia. We should aim to recreate the environment that made the InterNet itself spring into existence, in academic institutions.

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JimGroom wants students to host their own WebLog-as-PLE at their own DoMain. He has made this point before.

Mike Caulfield has a post about the same (DoMain as Digital Identity) issue.

Jul'2012 update by JonUdell. The domain focus has gotten a "Domain Of Ones Own" framing.

  • Nov'2012: the Domain Of Ones Own group will be fully funded moving forward! This is huge for our group on a few counts: 1) it includes a half-time position that can help us get fully staffed again, 2) it illustrates the administration at UMW is fully committed to supporting the work we are doing (all the way up to president Hurley), and 3) we don’t have to beg, steal and borrow to make Domain of One’s Own happen. We’ve been so used to doing things on a shoestring budget that it’s bizarre that we actually have the funding to run Domain of One’s Own for the next five years, with some space for custom development, a half-time position, etc.

Apr'2013 update: The way we were talking about it, a version of Martin Hawksey’s open courseware would be an option in the resources part of the wizard to allow any domain (or node) to also become a hub by installing a push-button (M)OOC-in-a-Box (MOOC) (which can also become its own hub) or push a button and have a DS106 framework, Commons In A Box, etc, and a community there to support you as well. How sick would that be? And with the possibilities of collaboratively creating, coding, and forking on GitHub, we could actually manage all this well. Think about it, a service that actually empowered people to experiment with various technologies created within a specific context on their own domain for the price of a url and cheap hosting—this is UMW’s BlueHost experiment writ large, and it has legs.

Jul'2013: they're expanding this FramIng to Reclaim Hosting, providing free/supported web hosting to professors at any university willing to pay for the DoMain for each student. This is actually an independent business.

  • May'2015: JimGroom is leaving the college to join this operation full-time.

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Lego Mind Storms

Bruce Sterling's Maneki Neko story (from 1998?!?) reminds me of Halting State (the SPOOKS ARG bits) and DaeMon. The really big network databases, with their armies of search engines, indexers, and catalogues, had some very arcane interests. The net machines would never pay for data, because the global information networks were noncommercial. But the net machines were very polite, and had excellent net etiquette. They returned a favor for a favor, and since they were machines with excellent, enormous memories, they never forgot a good deed... He had first met his wife at a video store. She had just used her credit card to buy a disk of primitive black-and-white American anime of the 1950s. The pokkecon had urged him to go up and speak to her on the subject of Felix the Cat. Felix was an early television cartoon star and one of Tsuyoshi’s personal favorites. Tsuyoshi would have been too shy to approach an attractive woman on his own, but no one was a stranger to the net... Tsuyoshi offered a hand gesture. The woman gestured back, a jerky series of cryptic finger movements. Tsuyoshi didn’t recognize any of the GestUre-s. She wasn’t from his part of the network. (Network Economy, Real World Game)

Jun'2011 update: Will Wright is working on a Computer Game based on it - actually an ARG?!?

  • Jan'2012: it's going to be called "HiveMind". While the technology and data collection is in place, the game doesn't yet have a release date.

  • Jun'2012: there's a big lawsuit tying things up.

  • Nov'2012: lawsuit settled

  • Jun'2013: will his new Syntertainment startup move this (or something similar) out to market?

  • Sept'2013: Syntertainment raised $5M from A16Z and others. The company will not use the same ideas that Wright talked about with his two previous startups, the Stupid Fun Club and the now shut-down Hive Mind. The Stupid Fun Club is now a shell company that has licensed some of its projects. But Hive Mind ran into a legal dispute among founders, and Wright settled litigation related to it.

  • May'2015: Syntertainment launches THRED IOS Photo Sharing/Story Telling app. Gaming (Computer Game) wasn't the initial MetaPhor that inspired Wright to help create Thred, Comic Book-s were. "My initial conception was to take the data we have about you and start turning your life it into a Graphic Novel," he says. "How do we take these different sources of data about you and turn it into a visual story or visual record?" That spark of an idea was born of the concept of quantimetrics or the Quantified Self, Wright says.

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Lean Canvas
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JonUdell on how paper MarGin-s provide LeeWay, and the need for software systems to offer the same flexibility. It strikes me that all of my recent experimentation - with XHTML microcontent, semantically-oriented CSS, and structured search - has a similar flavor. I've been looking for ways to scribble in the margins of the Web. Not because it's the right thing to do, but because it's, perhaps, the only feasible way forward.

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Annotation Systems
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