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Venkatesh Rao wonders whether you should drink the KoolAid.

If the odds of making it (AList) are so completely awful, why do people still try?

Usual answer: PassIon + True Belief.

Are the True Believer-s really just the ClueLess? (Gervais Principle)

Silicon Valley mapping: founder as ClueLess, option-wishing employees as LosEr-s, VC as Socio Path. Led to z2012-09-04-RaoEntrepreneursAreTheNewLabor

Persians consider every decision twice: once while Drunk, once Sober.

All ProGress depends on the unreasonable (Drunk) man.

GriT = Unwavering Purpose = Un Falsifiable (Falsifiabil Ity) MissIon

Can TrueGrit be scaled?

KoolAid = Cognitive Capture: PassIon is SacRed.

Hashish In

Myers Briggs types mapped to roles (Arche Type-s) in the StartUp Scene (slide41)

z2012-12-08- Rao Should You Drink The Koolaid
Fractally Generative Pattern Language
Simplest Thing
Less Bullshit Living
Conscious Culture
Hairshirt Green
Lean Family
wrapping up
Collaborative Filtering

Cloud Foundry is an Open Source PaaS framework. It's written in RuBy, but intended to host any language (but so far only Ruby On Rails and JVM languages) or other component. “The code is absolutely infrastructure agnostic,” Lucovsky says. “We developed it on our Mac laptops, and at launch, we were running it on Amazon [EC2]. We’ve been running it on vSphere and [VMware's infrastructure cloud platform] vCloud and bare metal machines.”... Maritz says VMware doesn’t have a concrete plan for making money from Cloud Foundry. “A leap of faith,” he calls it... This summer, VMware took its egalitarian stance even further when it introduced a version of Cloud Foundry that runs on your personal laptop.

z2011-11-22- Cloud Foundry
College Admission
John Maeda
excellent interview

Brijesh Malkan gives "The 10 things I have learnt about Agile Product Delivery" (Product Manager). Be with your teams... Full-stack, fully dedicated and collocated teams…or bust...

z2014-03-15- Malkan Agile Product Delivery Lessons
Traditional City

Number One Son found his Alien Ware LapTop to big/heavy to carry to school when he'd need it after-school for debate team practice. So we sold it via Craigs List.

And bought the AsUs VivoBook Q301LA-BSI5T17 - 13", 6GB RAM, 500GB drive laptop.

Of course you have to take Ms Windows v8, which is now 8.1.

Sometimes the trackpad sticks when pressing the left-mouse area.

AutoDesk Inventor ran for awhile but now won't.

Sometimes the screen starts flashing on and off.

  • LiveChat - busy, so call 888) 678-3688

  • Their suggestion: do factory reset: Go to PC Settings; Update and Recovery; select Recovery and re-install Windows.

  • took it to BestBuy - Geek Squad guy said "it's a known issue with Win8.1 of backlight turning off, so might just have to update the Intel graphics card drivers"

  • but when they ran diagnostics found that it's an actual hardware issue, so will have to get shipped out for real repair. (Also confirmed the trackpad issue, so that will get taken care of at the same time.)
  • I told them to ship it out on Tuesday, and it was back to them on Friday! They replaced the motherboard and re-seated the touchpad. No charge!
  • (this didn't solve the AutoDesk problem)

Apr13 - mouse is now not working in many games. Research says this is also Win8.1 issue. Between this and AutoDesk issue, Number One Son votes for refresh.

  • does refresh to Win8.0
  • some strange after-effects in terms of directories where they shouldn't be. Research tells him he should do a full reset.
z2014-02-01- Number One Son Asus Vivobook
Extending Webpy Blog App With Cookbook Features

My Intro Blurb:

This is the publicly-readable WikiLog Thinking Space of Bill Seitz (a Product Manager and CTO).

My Calling: to accelerate Evolut Ion by increasing FreeDom and Opportunity and AgenCy for many people via DAndD of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play) that increase the LeverAge of Free Agent-s and smaller groups (Small World).

See Intro Page for space-related goals, status, etc.; or WikiNode for more terse summary info.

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