Barbara Kiviat (Time Magazine) on Idea Futures inside BigCo operations. Companies from Micro Soft to EliLilly and Hewlett Packard are bringing the market inside, with workers trading futures contracts on such "commodities" as sales, product success and supplier behavior... Ultimately, "you may someday see someone in a desk job or a manufacturing job doing day trading, knowing that's part of the job," says Thomas Malone, a management professor at MIT who has written about markets. "I'm very optimistic about the long-term prospects."... "You have to get people used to the idea of being accountable in a very different way," says Mary Murphy Hoye, senior principal engineer at InTel, which has been experimenting with Internal Market-s. "I can now tell if planners are any good, because they're making money or they're not making money." Quotes from Robin Hanson, Bernardo Huberman.

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