Thanksgiving Day Parade


Jihi's office gives a great view of the Thanksgiving Day Parade at Broadway and 40thSt. The Kids want to see it again. Adding Number Three to the mix, plus heading to New Jersey afterwards (with cooked food), makes this a logistical challenge.

Last year we parked in a lot that must have been over near 9thAve and 39thSt, which was a bit much.

Possible plan this year:

  • all take SubWay there

    • hmm, what stop?

      • N/R/Q to 42ndSt then have to cross? Actually, if come up on far-east exit, it might not be bad
  • I leave early on SubWay to return home, pack up food, get car, drive back up to pick everyone else up


  • official time is 9am-noon. I think that means they start leaving the start-point at 9am, and last floats get to 34thSt at noon. But who knows?

Street closings info -

  • 6thAve isn't closed; but probably unpassable anywhere around 34thSt, so probably need to go up Mad Ave then cross over ~39thSt.

  • most-downtown street closed is 33rdSt (parade actually goes west on 34thSt to dispersal points)

  • until everything opens up (and they don't re-open the streets until they've done some cleaning, so it can take awhile), it probably then makes sense to to go back to 5thAve to head down, then cross west at 31stSt (heading right toward southern Lincoln Tunnel feed).

Going to be really lazy and buy Whole Foods cooked whole chickens to take along. (Luckily Mom doesn't have a computer.)

  • yes, they're open

  • chickens will first be ready around 10:30-11

Element missed above: kids need to eat lunch before heading to NJ. There's a pizza place across Broadway from Jihi's office.

Ultimate action:

  • rest of family takes SubWay to parade

  • I stay home, pack car, buy ice to pack food, etc.

  • drive up, park near 40thSt/9thAve - arr ~11:40, parade already over for that area

  • walk over, buy pizza, continue to Jihi's office. Hang out there for awhile eating, etc. then all walk over to car, head to NJ

  • long wait for Tunnel. Would have been much worse if Jihi hadn't pushed me into being "that asshole who cuts in at the last moment".

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